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Justin and Nicole 4-6-2019

Nicole and Justins wedding day started much like any other wedding day. I gathered gear. Packed said gear into my truck and headed for the venue. Normal right? Just wait for it, it is coming. I met the bride and her supporting cast at Enterprise Mill downtown. they were on the third floor in an apartment reserved for bridal parties. All is good as i started to photograph this beautiful bride and her equally beautiful bridal party. Fast forward a little while and we are now getting ready for a first look with the Father of the Bride followed by the Groom. Here is where things get a little, shall we say different. I go to open the door to the hallway and well the handle just spins and the door stays put. Hmmmmm! Try again, same result. Look closer Tom. The actual plate holding the sliding bolt is not connected anymore and the bolt is not connected to the handle. WE ARE LOCKED INSIDE THE APARTMENT! OK, stay calm. I proceed to try everything I know to open the door. No luck. I even tried taking it off the hinges. Nope. This went on for about an hour. I also continued to shoot when not trying to jailbreak us from the room. About and hour and a half into this two Enterprise Mills employees proceeded to climb ladders up to the third story and come through the window with tools to break us from our luxury jail. OK, back to normal. The wedding itself was wonderful and the reception was a blast. All in all these two had a great day and certainly have a story to tell for a lifetime.

Here are some looks into the day:

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