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4079 Riverwatch Parkway F46

Martinez, Georgia  30907


About Me

Meet Photographer Tom Rossini


 I have had a love of photography from early childhood.  My interest in photography started with a simple gift of a small film camera.  Quickly this interest grew into a dark room in my parents house so that I could enlarge images and play around with black and white prints.  I loved this and eventually I grew into the digital era like many with a new sense of wonder and joy for what this technology brings to the art.  

Flash forward to today.  I have been doing this as a business for nearly half a decade and love what I do.  When you hire me you will be getting a seasoned eye for images and a willingness to get the image right.  I have learned my equipment and will create images that jump off the paper and you will be proud to hang on your wall.  I have trained with Master Professional photographers and have learned this craft.  When you hire me for your images I will make sure you have the best images and enjoy the process as well.  

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